Below are reports on our June, 2011 trip:

Gaining Perspective in the Holy Land

A Travel Program in Palestine and Israel

Led By Dr. Tony Bing,
Prof Emeritus, Earlham College

June 13 - 26, 2011
NEW Group at At Tuana

The Travelers to Palestine and Israel are Safely Home

For and account of the trip, by retired AFSC  worker Jim Matlack.

follow one of the links below:

The Plight of the Palestinians (HTML web page)

The Plight of the Palestinians (PDF Document)

Sam Neff has posted a sort of blog on the trip here

Shirley Harryman produced this guest opinion in the

Kalispell Daily Interlake

This article was submitted by David Reese to the

Kalispell Daily Interlake, and then rejected

Here are links to Ted Lollis' very thorough account of

our trip, and reference to places he visited after most

travelers had returned home:

Ted has  now made available a two-part lecture which he has given recently to a group from the University of Tennessee

His lecture is titled:  

Palestine, Israel and other Tragedies
find an on-line version at this link:

Will Boland has given a slide show at the Helena MT Public Lirary

See an introductory article here:PalestineTripStuff/BolandArticle.html
For Background Material on the Palestinian - Israeli conflict,

we recommend this list of materials:

Reading List

Rabbi Brant Rosen of Evanston, IL, has recently led a group of

Americans to Palestine, engaging in activities similar to ours.

Here is an opinion by one of the participants, Marge Frank:

From the Side of the Oppressed: A Guest Post From Palestine