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Chapter 2
Sam and Ruth's Blog from Ibillin
Chapter 1
10/21/2013;  6 pm
                                                      Ruth and Sam at Zion Park, before leaving for CA
Hello Everyone,

It is time to get started on this endeavor,  We leave from San Francisco early tomorrow, and if all goes well,  we will be in Ibillin late in the afternoon on the 23rd.  

We have spent the last few days trying to organize what we have with us, and discovering all that we forgot when we left Montana about 2 weeks ago.  Our travel and packing were complicated by our yearly visit to the "Senior Games" in Utah before joining our son Robert and his wife Nancy at their home in Palo Alto.  We had to make sure we had what we needed for a week of running, biking and swimming, as well as  material for a talk we gave yesterday at the Palo Alto Unitarian Fellowship.   The talk dealt with our previous trip to Israel and the West Bank in 2011.

Robert and Nancy have treated us very well, and without their skill and guidance we would be in a state of hopeless confusion.

Tomorrow we will rise early and drive to the San Francisco Airport, and after  about 22 hours on planes and in airports we will be in Tel Aviv.  A driver from the Mar Elias Schools will meet us there and take us on to Ibillin.

Fortunately our three months of volunteering will overlap with the period for other volunteers, currently carrying the hosting responsibilities, so we will be breaking in gradually.

Wish us Luck!

Sam and Ruth Neff