Sam and Ruth In Ibillin

Chapter 1 Getting Ready to Leave

Chapter 2  Life at the Guesthouse 1

Chapter 3  Life at the Guesthouse II

Chapter 4 Venturing out, a little

Chapter 5 More Experiences and a goodby

Chapter 6 A few Surprises

Chapter 7  Mariam Bawardi and two trips to Nazareth

Chapter 8  Pen Pals,  and Dancing

Chapter 9 More of the same, and a trip to Haifa

Chapter 10  Dancing, hiking, and an accordion

Chapter 11 Pen Pals, More Dancing, a trip to Rehovot and a non-trip to Jerusalem

Chapter 12 Pen Pals and Dancing, but Mainly Christmas

Chapter 13  Christmas Arrives, and a two-day tour of Western Galilee

Chapter 14 Mostly a Quick Trip to Jerusalem

Chapter 15 Will arrives, we meet Amos Gvirtz and Elias Jabbour, and see Haifa

Chapter 16 Lots of Good-byes