Reports and Other Items from the Neighbors East and West Trip to Iran,
April-May 2008

Debra and Friend

A Column from the Winston-Salem Herald featuring Debra Dillard
Debra's Column (html)

Imam Mosque Interior

An Article by Sam and Ruth Neff
This Time Iran (pdf)

Marge with Students

A Column on Marge's Experiences
Marge Column (pdf)

view of Kaju Bridge, Esfahan

A Column from the Oxford (Ohio) Press
Forging Bridges (pdf)

Tea at Abyaneh Hotel            Nagash e Jahan Square Esfahan

A Column from the Warsaw (Indiana) Times-Union
Couple Visits Iran on Mission of Peace (pdf)

Students and Sam neff in esfahan

An Article by David Reese from the Kalispell (MT) Daily Interlake
Finding enchantment far from Montana